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Learning About Furnace Upgrades and Repairs

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2 Employee Complaints That May Indicate A Problem With Your Business's Air Conditioning System

Even if you are diligent in having your business building's HVAC system checked and maintained, there is always the chance that something will start to fail or break down in between routine service calls. However, if you know the air conditioner is running, you may not think that there are any problems with it until it is too late and you are faced with major repairs. 

Besides having the A/C system checked professionally, you can also gauge its effectiveness by listening to what your employees are saying. Below are a couple of employee complaints that should alert you to a possible issue with your building's commercial air conditioning system.

1. Employees Start Complaining about How Humid and Stifling the Air Is While in Certain Rooms

One complaint that you may hear from your employees that could indicate an issue with your building's A/C system is when they start saying how some rooms are humid with stifling air. They may describe these areas as feeling like a sauna while other rooms in the building feel comfortable.

If some rooms are hotter and more humid than others, there could be a problem with the blower interfering with its ability to deliver cool, conditioned air to some rooms. There could also be an issue with the condenser coils that is keeping them from extracting moisture out of the air. You should have a repair technician check the system to find the reason behind the issue.

2. Workers State They Are Having Trouble Hearing Because of Noise Made While the A/C System Is Running

Another complaint you may hear from your workers when there is a problem with the air conditioning system is that they are having trouble hearing important phone calls or even each other because of the noise. They may say that there are vibrations and loud clanking noises heard whenever the A/C kicks on.

If the system is making noise, there could be a problem with the condenser or the blower fan, or the ductwork may be loose. You will need to have a professional find and fix the cause of the loud noises.

If you are hearing complaints from your employees about how hot and humid the air in the building feels and/or they are having trouble hearing because of the noisy A/C system, there may be a problem with the building's air conditioning system. Even if the system still seems to be running, you should have it checked out by professionals to see if there is an issue that needs to be fixed before it breaks down.

Contact a commercial air conditioning repair service, such as Round Top HVAC, Inc, to learn more.