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Learning About Furnace Upgrades and Repairs

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Ready To Trade Your Small Residential Refrigerator For A Commercial Unit? What To Know First

When you want to replace your small residential refrigerator with a much larger unit, there are some things that have to go into the change; you can't just swap it out. You will need to talk with the refrigeration professionals that will do the installation of a larger, commercial-grade refrigerator, and you may need to speak with a remodeling contractor, as well.

Creating the Space

You may have to remove some cabinets to make more room to add a larger refrigerator to your kitchen. If you can't go bigger where the unit currently is, you will need to find another wall where you can put it. Talk with the refrigeration expert to see where they think it will be best for the unit to go, and then if you can't cut into the drywall and frame the area on your own, call a remodeling professional.

Having the Electrical Components

The refrigeration professionals may have to install new electrical components in order to wire what is needed for the new refrigerator. They may have to make some changes to what breaker the refrigerator is connected to so they don't blow a fuse if this unit requires a lot more power than the old one. Be sure to pick out a refrigerator that is highly efficient for your own financial benefits over time.

Water Line Access

If you are hoping to have water and ice that come out of the refrigerator, the new unit will have to go where it can be hooked into a plumbing line. The plumbing throughout the house will have to be assessed to make sure that a lot of work doesn't have to be done to the plumbing to connect the new refrigerator where you want to put it so that you can get easy access to the line.

Upgrading to a large, commercial-style refrigerator when you had a small residential unit can be what's best for your food needs, but it can be difficult to do if your old unit doesn't have a lot of space around it to expand. You want to call a refrigeration expert to come to your house so they can assess where you can put the new unit that you want to install and to find out how much work will have to be done for you to get the unit installed properly.

To learn more, contact a refrigeration contractor near you.