Learning About Furnace Upgrades and Repairs

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Learning About Furnace Upgrades and Repairs

Hello, my name is Sarah Patricks. I am going to use my site to talk about furnace options and repairs. There are a wide number of furnaces to choose for your home. The furnaces may kick on using natural gas, electricity, or oil for fuel. If internal components in the furnace stop working, the entire unit will fail to turn on during the next cycle. As a result, the temperatures in your home will drop dramatically, especially at night. I will talk about ways HVAC contractors keep furnaces in working condition. I hope you will use the information on my site to keep your furnace running. Thanks.

Maintaining Air Conditioning On A Property You Manage For Someone Else: What You Need To Know

As a property manager, you have to look out for other people's homes and properties, which frequently includes maintenance and landscaping care. If your customers have their own repair and maintenance technicians, they should supply you with the names and numbers of those professionals to use in case of emergency repair or for general use. Here are a few other things you need to know for various property maintenance tasks. 

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Part of your job for customers who are away from their homes for very long stretches is maintaining their heating and cooling appliances. You have to call and use the services of the contact info your customers have provided or contact your customers to authorize the use of another HVAC technician when the need arises. Maintenance of these appliances occurs, at a bare minimum, once a year. If that heating or air conditioning maintenance service falls within the time that the property owner or customer is not present, it means that the responsibility falls to you to complete the task of scheduling a maintenance appointment and being present for the HVAC technician to enter the home to complete maintenance tasks. 

Clearing Brush and Leaves from Around the Pump or Condenser Unit

Along with scheduling the appointment and calling the HVAC technician your customer uses to perform heating and cooling maintenance, you will have to work around the yard and check the heat pump or the condenser unit outside. Grass clippings, brush, twigs, and leaves all have to be pulled away to help the pump or unit function as intended. You will need to do this part of the maintenance for your customers during their time living on the property and in between HVAC technician visits. 

When Something Is Out of the Ordinary

When something is out of the ordinary with the air conditioning appliance, you should see it when you check around the outside of the house on your weekly visits. If your customer asks that you turn on the air conditioning in the summer months or on days when it is really hot outside, you should be able to tell if the cooling system is working or not. If there are noticeable issues with temperature or the appearance of the cooling appliance's components, call the HVAC technician right away and schedule a repair appointment. Alerting your customer beforehand is a good idea, too.