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Learning About Furnace Upgrades and Repairs

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Things To Know About Uneven Boiler Furnace Heating

When your boiler furnace is heating unevenly or unpredictably, you might wonder what the problem is. Understanding one of the most common causes of this uneven heating can help you to identify the issue and even determine when you might need furnace repair or when the problem is something you can fix on your own. Here's a look at what you need to know about your boiler furnace and its uneven heating issues.

Check Your Radiators

When you notice uneven heating in your home's boiler system, the place to start is to check each of the radiators. You may notice that some radiators are heating up properly while others are only moderately warm or are only warm in spots. This is a key indication that the water from the boiler isn't flowing the way it should. 

In most cases, this is caused by air getting into the system and causing air pockets that disrupt the water flow. You'll often hear popping and similar noises when the radiator is on as well. These sounds can also tell you that there's air in the system.

Bleed Your Radiators

If you have reason to believe that you have air in your boiler furnace's water lines, you'll need to bleed the radiators to get it out. This means checking the water line diagram and bleeding them in the order recommended by the boiler manufacturer. That way, you can work all of the air out of the system and restore consistent, even water flow in the system.

If you bleed the radiators and purge the system of air only to have the problem recur again shortly thereafter, that's an indication that you've got a breach in the sealed system. You'll need a furnace repair technician to fix the problem. 

Understand The Causes

Recurring problems with air in the lines of your boiler furnace can be caused by a few different things. You may have a crack in the water line system that's letting air in. Alternatively, it could be a problem with the boiler's bladder system. If the bladder is damaged due to age or other issues, it could be breached and cause air pockets that will lead to uneven heating and similar problems.

Your technician will be able to replace the damaged lines or bladder to restore the proper system operation. With these tips and the help of a furnace technician who understands boiler furnace systems, you'll be able to keep your heating system working properly.

To learn more, contact a furnace repair contractor.